November, 2008

Official Protection for Rich People - Proteccion oficial para los ricos

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Housing protection program for rich people

About official housing policies in Spain
Summary: About housing issues in Spain and how the cover-up governamental programs are only useful for the already rich. [Spanish] Politicas de viviendas de proteccion oficial que solo sirven para hacer la vida mas comoda a gente ya adinerada.

I remember I was in my teens and hearing about " Viviendas de proteccion oficial " or literally housing with official protection as that is what the municipal and also provintial government housing program is called. I was naive and thought to my self that the program was to help gypsies living in shanti-houses (in Spanish: Chabola) move into an apartment.

So many years later as a working adult that is officially, by the spanish governments rule, no longer young - I'm over 35-, I find out that I'm far worse off than those gypsies living in Shanti Homes. Thank god they moved out of their sub human living places, while I'm stuck in an expensive micro apartment that is almost (and actually was at one time) a storage room.

 vallecas ensanche

So anyway the other day I received an SMS from the housing department saying I've been selected. The way the message was typed in Spanish made it almost sound like a prize. Supposedly they have these apartments that are Cheaper to buy than the open market and I've been selected as an eligible buyer.

I should have known better. What the government writes in their public announcements is just to make themslves look good. Goverment policies in Spain are all created for THEATRICAL PURPOSES only!!!!!!

 vivieda asignada en sorteo

So I had to go to the government office to see what exactly was that they had for me. There, the girl pulls out the paper puts it on the paper and I can see the $$$ PRICE TAG $$$$. First you have to realize that buying a house from this "protection" program is NOT very attractive to buyers because it just means a prison-like set of restrictions for the rest of your fuck-ed up life. You can't sell it... The government can buy it back at the price they want wich only changes for them every 4 years. You can't rent it on your own or easily, or at market rate, etc... . Knowing all this, I at least said I should go see what the price is, because if it is really true that its cheaper than the market rate, I might be able to consider it.

 empresa municipal de vivienda

Well, so much for my naivity... The price tag of this " protected apartement was soooo high that the deposit plus the the tax I would have to pay the first year would be over 32,000 Euros. That before we get into the mortgage. And we are talking about a one bedroom apartment of less than 40 meters square in size. Where am I gonna get that much money? Not with my shitty salary!!! You have to be well-off to have that sort of money CASH just for the deposit!!! Imagine the full price! Is it just me that can't afford this? Try motivating yourself to work when you can't even meet the standards of protected housing!!

Oh, and the stupid apartment is not even ready. I asked them for information and they didn't have any. So I personally whent by metro to the deserted neighbourhood of " Ensanche de Vallecas ". Metro: Congosto. It took a 35 minute ride by metro from the center. Then another 10 minute walk to the location of the apartment. I got there and they are still building, Its just a bunch of concrete right now. KNock Knock on the construction cabin door. A guy opens and I ask and he says that it is expected that the building be finished 10 months from now. September 2009. !!!!!

Too expensive, too far away, terrible financing conditions, you've got to wait almost a year to get in, too many restrictions and a terrible location: It was right in front of a bussy and noisy highway.

Housing in Spain is absolutely ridiculously expensive, this is due to the fact that the government and local governments are only at the service of rich people. Foreign people tell me: " But you have a socialist government". First of all, they can call themselves whatever FUCK they want, I don't see anything SOCIAL in asking for 32,000 Euro's deposit from a poor single guy in bad health. Then just as in the US, the federal government can be this or that, but the local government can be of a different party. In Madrid the local government is Right wing. Which says a lot. Most people live in large cities and that is what really is representative. Therefore people living in Madrid are the most representative section of the working population.

It is cheaper to live in France. Look at this picture I took in Montpellier. And they earn salaries that are almost three times what people in Spain make. If I only spoke French I would go there right away... And if this was France, I dont think two months would go by before the people would hang the Mayor from an electric pole!!



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