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Feb 26, 2009

 iranian iran persian 60's 70's magazines pop

Pop Culture Magazines

1970's Iran
Summary: Comprehensive Full list with image sample of all of them

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This post provides a complete list of Pop culture Magazines that used to be published in Iran in the 1970's.

These magazines are very important in establishing the history of iranian pop music. Apart from the pictures which are important in themselves and the articles, these magazines also included Tehran Music Charts which my site intends to collect.

Therefore please COLLABORATE if you have such magazines in your own possesion. Do not copy existing ones on the web.

Also magazines like Javanan are important because in the late 70's as iranian music was released on cassettes, it became difficult to establish the date of release and songwriting credits of the late 70's songs. However, Javanan would publish song lyrics for new releases with songwriter credit. This is a great way of establishing song release date and songwriting credits.

Here is the list of magazines


 lyrics sheet in javanan magazine
The importance of Javanan magazine in the late 70's was these lyric sheets it included with the songwriting credits



 etelaat ettelaat javanan
Ettelaat hafteghi or etelaat haftegi elelat

Etelaat ettelaa javanan included music charts
As you may know my site has a Iran 70's Tehran Music Charts section



 top tuenti
Top 20 in persian top tuwenti

 zan e rooz
Zan e Rooz . A women magazine but has plenty of music in it

Banovan - Banavaan or Ettelaat Banovan

Banovan was a womens magazine but it is to our interest because it has music charts
As you may know my site has a Iran 70's Tehran Music Charts section



 dokhtaran pesaran
dokhtaran va pesaran

siah va sepid
siah va sepid

خواندنی ها از مجلات قدیمی اطلاعات هفتگی مجله زن روز خاطرات قبل از انقلاب مجله اطلاعات بانوان دختران و پسران سیاه و سپید

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